How to Build Fiercely Loyal Customers

Seminar Breakout Area 22nd March 2017 Morning Sessions - Afternoon Sessions

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Alasdair McGill

Everyone thinks they have loyal customers but do you really?

Imagine the power of having customers selling for you. Can you imagine having customers that love everything about your company? Can you dream of having loyal customers who would never think of going anywhere else?

Content marketing is awesome! You invest your time creating great content, growing an engaged audience, building their trust, and eventually winning business. You establish your authority in your market. It’s an incredibly successful and cost-effective way to build a business.

But very few are investing in making sure that they meet the customer’s expectations when they finally do business with you. Your team are good guys, they know how to look after the customer, right?


Sure, when it’s just you at the start you care so much that you look after everyone amazingly well. But as the business grows, you find yourself more and more removed from the customer.

That’s when things can start to go awry.

This is where Service Design comes in.

In this talk, Alasdair McGill will explore what service design is and why you NEED to embrace it in your business. He’ll dive into what it takes to create great customer experiences and how they can ensure that you deliver on the promises your content makes. Even better, he’ll show you how service design can boost your bottom line!