Content marketing to increase your bottom line

Seminar Breakout Area 22nd March 2017 Morning Sessions - Afternoon Sessions

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John Durrant

Content marketing is the new rock ‘n’ roll of marketing. It seems every business is using it in 2016. But too many companies dip their toes in the content marketing ocean and decide the water’s too cold for them.

When companies dabble and they don’t see results, they quickly abandon the content marketing experiment. It’s essential that you follow John’s basic guide and observe the key rules he’ll advise you about. Patience and perseverance are key to your success. If you are determined to help increase your bottom line you need to be able to create great quality content, distribute it effectively and then measure the imapct of your work, not just instantly but over an extended period of time. This WILL have an effect on your profitability if done correctly.

John Durrant, CEO of Edinburgh agency Juggling Swords and one of Scotland’s top 40 entrepreneurs under 40, will show you how to plan, create and execute content marketing that ultimately converts to new business for your company.