Create an automated Facebook Ads System that gets leads every day

Seminar Breakout Area 22nd March 2017 Morning Sessions - Afternoon Sessions

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Liz Melville

With over 1 billion people logging into Facebook every day, and sharing every aspect of their lives online, Facebook ads give you a massive opportunity to reach vast numbers of your clients every single day. And as part of an automated sales system, they can have your lead generation activities running like clockwork. This means that you can develop your earnings and recurring revenue streams by investing time in working smarter not harder with the automation tools available to you.
But they’re not for the faint hearted! Using them as part of a sales system can feel complicated, frustrating, and hard to get right. And with so much conflicting, and often misleading, advice out there on how to set it all up, mistakes can prove costly.
In this presentation Facebook marketing and ads specialist, Liz Melville, will guide you through the key steps in creating your very own automated Facebook ads system that will generate leads and sales for your business every single day. You will discover:
  • The BIGGEST mistakes people are making with Facebook ads and how you can avoid them
  • The EXACT step by step process for automating leads and sa7-step formula for automating leads and sales for your online business every day with Facebook ads.
  • Strategies to ensure you make a profit on every £1 you spend on your Facebook ads
  • Liz’s proven system for turning ads traffic into qualified leads and then into paying customers for your business
  • Effective targeting strategies for building your email list and making sales.
You’ll learn much more besides so don’t miss this unique opportunity to listen to one of the United Kingdom’s brightest minds on the subject and get your own specific questions answered. Liz also offers you the opportunity to connect with her and share an online meeting with her one to one to develop your understanding further.