Joining up your social media and real life networking

Seminar Breakout Area 22nd March 2017 Morning Sessions - Afternoon Sessions

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Stefan Thomas

When you add social media to your business marketing¬†mix, or add face to face networking to your social media mix, the results can be truly explosive. If you don’t believe it then come and meet Stefan. There’s nobody better qualified in the United Kingdom to advise on the future of this often feared business practice¬†and great strategies to develop your online and offline skill set.
Stefan Thomas is the author of Business Networking for Dummies and Instant Networking and will explain how you can massively improve your results from net working by joining up your social media in the right way for you and your business, including the right way to make a first impression, every time you meet someone or engage with them.
45 minutes of hints, tips and strategies which will make a difference as soon as you start applying them.